Organizing to put all the people and planet first

“Most of the great political struggles of the past 5,000 years can be reduced to a simple question: who will own land, water, and the other essentials of living – and to what ends.”  – David Korten in the Foreword to Owning Our Future, by Marjorie Kelly (2012)

This website was born out of a disturbing question. Is there anything I can do about the threats to the kind of world I want my granddaughter to inherit, an interdependent world of inclusive, egalitarian freedom?

It was born out of hope, the encouraging discovery of the people organizing – big organizing for a big vision.

“Democracy” names a tradition of experiments that sets out to give an inclusive, expansive answer to the question, whose world is it. Does the world belong to self-proclaimed masters of the universe gating themselves off from the rest of us? Does it belong to all? Does it perhaps belong to no one? Furthermore, when we say “world” today, we cannot avoid the fact that that word must include the planet, planet Earth. Are we simply custodians or stewards, given responsibility for the care of the planet’s resources and for one another in exchange for the use of those resources?

I have two goals: to share what I am learning about the most important story not being told, the story of big democratic organizing, and, as a necessary part of that story, to engage with others in reimagining the vision of what we are organizing for. We must not allow the word “democracy” to be polluted and thrown away, any more than we cannot allow the air, soil, and water to be polluted as “externalities.” be As part of this project, it is essential to get clear about the anti-democratic visions we are organizing against.